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  • Why are drive-in racking systems most used in cold storage
  • Post Time:8/27/2021
  • Why heavy shelves are commonly used in warehouses to store goods and there are few drive-in shelves to store goods in warehouse? And why are the drive-in racking systems mainly used in the logistics industry and cold storage? Because the main storage method of drive-in racking system is to store goods with less types and huge scale of quantities. In order to avoid disorderly storage of goods in the warehouse, a large number of products, in the selection of shelves need to be customized the d......
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  • Detailed explanation of relevant knowledge of storage cage
  • Post Time:8/24/2021
  • Storage cage with Hollow board, also known as warehouse cage, turnover cage, etc., is a standard logistics container, mainly used for storage of heavier or large items and mechanized turnover and handling, especially suitable. It has been widely used in Europe, America, Japan, Taiwan and other regions. The main materials of the storage cage are low-carbon iron wire, channel steel, hot-rolled steel plate, etc. The shape of the storage cage feels light and handy, except for the bottom frame, th......
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  • What is Radio Shuttle Racking System
  • Post Time:8/19/2021
  • Aceally Radio Shuttle Racking System is a semi-automated high-density storage system, which uses an automatic device to move in the channel back and forth for transportation, forklift pick up at the end. It’s a perfect option for drive in racking system using in cold storage, food and beverage industry and other low level of SKU. It could helps you to create maximum use of the storage and simplifies loading and unloading of goods. The Shuttle Pallet is remotely controlled by user and moved f......
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  • Introduction to Plastic Storage Box
  • Post Time:8/13/2021
  • Plastic storage boxes, also called logistics rolling containers, are widely used in machinery, automobiles, home appliances, light industry, electronics and other industries. They are resistant to acid and alkali, oil stains, non-toxic and odorless, and can be used to hold food, easy to clean and easy to turn over parts, stacked neatly, easy to manage. Its reasonable design and excellent quality are suitable for transportation, distribution, storage, circulation processing and other links in fa......
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  • Detailed Knowledge of Cantilever Shelf
  • Post Time:8/10/2021
  • Cantilever shelves advantages: Cantilever shelves are suitable for long goods and irregular goods. The overhanging cantilever has light structure and good load capacity, and can greatly improve the warehouse utilization and work efficiency when storing irregular or special length materials. After adding shelves, it is particularly suitable for warehouses with small space and low height, convenient management, wide field of vision, and higher utilization rate than ordinary shelf shelves. It is ......
  •
  • Brief Introduction of Cantilever Shelf
  • Post Time:8/5/2021
  • For storage of bulky, scattered or other special products, cantilever racks are the ideal solution. Cantilever racks are divided into single and double arms, and can efficiently store wood, pipes, long objects and similar products. Cantilever racks are in The traditional shelf pillar is equipped with an outer cantilever, which is a special shelf for long objects. The cantilever rack is composed of a cantilever mounted on a column. The cantilever can be fixed or movable. Pipes and plates are use......
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  • What's the difference between steel platform and mezzanine floor racking
  • Post Time:8/4/2021
  • Steel platform and mezzanine floor racking you may have seen, but there are differences between the two. Let's explain in detail the difference between steel platform and attic shelf. Let's have a look! Similarities between steel platform and mezzanine floor racking (1) like the steel platform, the mezzanine floor racking can be built into the second or third floor. Except for the bottom floor, other floors can be paved with steel plates, and carts and personnel can walk on the floor. (2)......
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  • How to Prevent Storage Shelf Collapse
  • Post Time:7/28/2021
  • As a medium for daily storage of goods, storage shelves have a large market demand space and are widely used, so what if we can avoid the accident of shelf collapse? Let's have a look. 1. Correctly select and use storage shelves, reasonably plan and layout storage space, combined with the current market environment and application requirements, we should pay attention to two requirements when selecting storage shelves. According to the characteristics of the goods and the quality of the stora......
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