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  • What is the dual depth storage shelf and its characteristics
  • Post Time:12/7/2021
  • Double depth storage shelf is an upgraded version of heavy shelf. It is a shelf extended from heavy shelf. In fact, its structure is also very simple. The reason why this shelf was born is to cooperate with special forklifts. Compared with ordinary shelves, double depth shelves save a forklift channel. Therefore, under the same warehouse area, double depth shelves can store more products. Generally, it is suitable for companies with more goods to cooperate with corresponding forklifts. It is ......
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  • What are the functions of storage shelves
  • Post Time:11/30/2021
  • Storage shelves are very common in many factories, warehouses and other places. Storage shelves are used by more and more companies as an essential storage auxiliary equipment to control costs and improve work efficiency. They play an indispensable role in how to make full use of warehouse space and improve the inventory volume of the warehouse. Storage shelves are so popular, what role do they play in storage? I believe you will know the important role of storage shelves when you see the chara......
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  • What are the advantages of shuttle shelf
  • Post Time:11/26/2021
  • In modern logistics, storage shelves have formed many kinds. Among these kinds, each type of shelf has its own unique design structure and function, which is responsible for storing various types of products and goods. As a semi-automatic storage shelf, the automatic storage function of shuttle shelf has improved the environment in many enterprise warehouses. Let's analyze the shuttle shelf together. Like its name, the working mode of the shuttle shelf is mainly to access products through the ......
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  • What are the methods to clean the through shelf?
  • Post Time:11/23/2021
  • With the rapid development of the through shelf industry, the shelf manufacturing technology has become more and more mature, but the mature technology will face a series of problems after a long time. For the through shelf, a big problem is the oxidation of the surface, which will cause the problem of shelf strength and affect the normal use of the shelf. Therefore, we still need to master some cleaning methods in our daily life. The shelf manufacturer will analyze it for you: 1. Wipe with a......
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  • What is a medium shelf
  • Post Time:10/22/2021
  • The medium-sized shelf is assembled by columns, beams and laminates. An independent group has two columns. Such a shelf is called the main shelf. If several groups are assembled into a column, except that the first group needs two columns, others can share one column with the group in front of it. Such a shelf is called a sub rack. If it is a shelf to be moved frequently, it is recommended to use all the main shelves. The shelves connected to the main and auxiliary frames must move with the mai......
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  • How to judge the quality of heavy shelves
  • Post Time:10/19/2021
  • With the increasing demand for heavy shelves, many enterprises have invested in the production of shelves. When we face so many shelf factories, how to distinguish the quality of heavy shelves? The quality of heavy cross beam shelf mainly includes the following points: 一、Check whether the specifications and dimensions of shelf products meet the requirements: 1. Size of goods: such as size, weight and particularity of goods. 2. Storage method of goods: whether the goods are directly stor......
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  • Aceally best selling angle steel shelving
  • Post Time:10/15/2021
  • Light duty shelving with slotted angle is featured products in Aceally. It is for light goods, a simple ad economic solution for a wide range of uses. The shelving units are completely dismountable which means they can be modified or expanded height and length-wise. The system is an ideal for the manual storage of light and even relatively heavy loads. Here are the angle post size 35*35/36*36/37*37/38*38/40*40mm, shelves are 900*300/400/500/450/600mm with support and without support. These sh......
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  • Features and advantages of fluent shelf
  • Post Time:10/13/2021
  • Fluency shelf is also known as sliding shelf. Fluency shelf adopts fluency strips such as roller aluminum alloy and sheet metal. The fluency strips are directly connected to the front and rear beams and middle support beams, and the beams are directly hung on the pillars. The fluency shelf makes use of the dead weight of the goods bench to take inventory from one channel and take goods from the other channel, so as to realize first in first out, convenient storage, and one replenishment and mul......
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  • Storage shelf safety inspection
  • Post Time:9/27/2021
  • Why should we conduct storage shelf safety inspection? As a kind of storage equipment, there are various uncertain factors in each stage of its planning, design, manufacture, installation and use. If any of them does not meet the standard, it may damage the storage shelf and cause serious potential safety hazards. Once the storage shelf collapses, it will have a great impact on the normal operation of the enterprise, which may lead to goods loss and even casualties. Therefore, it is necessary......
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  • How to use the folding storage cage correctly
  • Post Time:9/22/2021
  • Storage cage is an important and frequently used logistics container in storage and transportation, also known as warehouse cage, butterfly cage, folding storage cage and iron cage. Storage cage is also widely used in the market. It can not only save space, but also has transportation function. It is a very important product in the storage industry and is deeply loved by everyone. How to use it correctly? Let's have a look. 1、When empty cages are stored, they are folded to greatly reduce ......
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  • What is the boltless rivet shelving
  • Post Time:9/15/2021
  • Boltless rivet shelves, also known as rivet racks, wide span shelves, double rivet shelves, double rivet boltless shelves or speedibilt are becoming a very popular shelf or shelf type. The benefits are obvious. Rivet racks span up to 2000mm long, 800mm deep. In some cases, the capacity is about 200kg per level. The assembly is simple. Use a rubber mallet to place the shelf components in place. No nuts and bolts or shelf clips are needed! Our rivet shelves are available with wire trim - in accor......
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  • Daily protection of warehouse shelves
  • Post Time:9/7/2021
  • Warehouse shelves in the material and process processing has been in place, but with the passage of time, inevitably there will be some problems. Normal maintenance will make the shelf safer and longer service life. Shelf maintenance mainly needs to be carried out from three aspects, namely surface treatment, physical protection and detail maintenance. 1. From the surface maintenance of the shelf. The shelves in the warehouse, especially in the small and medium-sized warehouse, are mainly af......
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  • What information needs to be provided for shelf customization
  • Post Time:9/1/2021
  • Warehouse shelves are used in almost every warehouse with a kind of storage equipment. In order to make better use of the original space of the warehouse, shelves are indispensable in the warehouse. Different storage methods can choose different styles shelf. Custom-made shelves are customized according to the amount of material stored. Most people think that shelf manufacturers will have shelf stock. Generally speaking, not all shelves are in stock. For example, some shelves with larger size......
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  • Why are drive-in racking systems most used in cold storage
  • Post Time:8/27/2021
  • Why heavy shelves are commonly used in warehouses to store goods and there are few drive-in shelves to store goods in warehouse? And why are the drive-in racking systems mainly used in the logistics industry and cold storage? Because the main storage method of drive-in racking system is to store goods with less types and huge scale of quantities. In order to avoid disorderly storage of goods in the warehouse, a large number of products, in the selection of shelves need to be customized the d......
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  • Detailed explanation of relevant knowledge of storage cage
  • Post Time:8/24/2021
  • Storage cage with Hollow board, also known as warehouse cage, turnover cage, etc., is a standard logistics container, mainly used for storage of heavier or large items and mechanized turnover and handling, especially suitable. It has been widely used in Europe, America, Japan, Taiwan and other regions. The main materials of the storage cage are low-carbon iron wire, channel steel, hot-rolled steel plate, etc. The shape of the storage cage feels light and handy, except for the bottom frame, th......
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