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The Different Structural Design(Upright Design) Between China And the USA

The structural design difference between China and the USA
In the United States, lots of factory use welded upright, although this will lead to increased transportation costs, but on the other hand, the upright does not need to assemble, can save a lot of manpower cost. Another difference between the upright design is, Americans mainly considered to the practicability, not the appearance, when the upright bearing a heavy weight, they will weld a another upright or rectangular tube at the bottom of the 2~3 meter position to increase column capacity. 
In China, such a situation is not easy for Chinese customers to accept, because it is not very nice and everyone likes a integral upright. The pursuit of beauty results in the waste of a lot of steel, and at the top of the shelf there is no need for such a large cross-section, because the top upright has a very small load.
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