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How To Repair Steel Platform in Warehouse Storage

The steel structure platform is also called working platform. The steel structure platform has various structure forms and rich functions. The biggest feature of the steel structure platform is the fully assembled structure, which is flexible in design and widely used in modern storage.

Engineering structures made of steel are usually composed of beams, columns, plates and other components made of section steel and steel plates. All parts are connected by welds, screws or rivets. 

1. The steel platform should be equipped with a force-limiting plate 

2. The shelving points and pull-up points of the steel platform must be located on the building and must not be set on construction facilities such as scaffolding, and the support system must not be connected to the scaffolding 

3. The concrete beam and slab of the steel platform rest point should be buried and connected with the platform bolt 

4. The horizontal angle between the wire rope and the platform should be 45 degrees to 60 degrees 

5. The tensile strength of beams and columns at the upper connection point of the steel platform should be checked to ensure the safety of the building and platform 

6. The steel platform should use snap ring, and the hook should not be directly hooked on the platform ring 

7. When installing the steel platform, a special hook should be used to suspend the wire rope. When using other methods, the deduction should be no less than three. The steel wire rope should be lined with soft padding at the sharp corners of the building. The outer opening of the steel platform should be slightly higher. Inside 

8. The left and right sides of the steel platform must be fixed as if hanging railings and dense mesh safety nets

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