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Storage rack solutions for the food industry

We know that every industrial warehouse on the market cannot store goods efficiently without using storage shelves. Reasonable use of shelves can achieve a multiplier effect with half the effort. But different types of storage racking models are also very different, and the applicable places are also different. So which shelves can be used in the food industry?


If you want to know what kind of storage shelves are suitable for the food industry, you must first understand the characteristics of the products in the food industry. The biggest characteristic is the shelf life. Therefore, when choosing shelves, you need to give priority to those shelves that can work in a first-in-first-out mode. Here are three shelves that are suitable for the food industry. 

1. Shuttle shelf Shuttle racks can be said to be very familiar with the food industry. It can be said that this rack is the most frequent storage rack in the food industry. Especially in recent years, with the development of automation technology, this kind of semi-automatic storage rack has begun to be recognized by more and more people. The working mode of the shuttle rack is also very simple. It mainly uses the shuttle to access the goods on the rack pallet instead of manual operation, which further improves the overall work efficiency of the warehouse. 

2. Drive-in rack Drive-in racks are also a kind of storage racks that can support first-in, first-out. Like shuttle racks, this rack does not need to reserve aisles for forklifts, which can maximize the space utilization of the warehouse. And compared to the shuttle rack, the advantage of this rack is that the manufacturing cost is much lower than that of the shuttle rack, and it is more suitable for most companies to choose. 

3. Beam type shelf The beam type shelf structure is simple, safe, reliable and stable, and can be adjusted and combined at will. It is suitable for storing various types of goods, supports first-in first-out, and is not restricted by the order of goods. The beam type rack has a simple structure and can be adjusted according to the actual use of the user. According to the pallet loading requirements, pallet size, actual warehouse space and actual lifting height of the forklift, different specifications of beam racks are available. Companies with insufficient budget can choose beam-type shelves, but the space utilization rate of beam-type shelves will be much lower than the first two shelves, because the first two shelves are dense storage shelves. The most common feature of these shelves is that they can be first-in, first-out, so that the goods will not expire, and everyone can choose according to their own circumstances.

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