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The Best Racking System For Coldroom Storage

In cold chain refrigeration, the goods basically have the characteristics of fast turnover, large one-time storage capacity, and high requirements for storage equipment. After meeting these basic needs, each specific cold chain logistics can operate normally and efficiently. Among them, it is the key link to equip the cold chain cold storage with professional and more appropriate storage shelf solutions. After choosing the right shelf, the later work can be carried out better. 

1. Radio Shuttle Racking 

The Radio Shuttle Racking is a relatively economical storage rack that is easy to automate. They are different from drive-in shelves because it is the type of shelf where the shelves are integrated with related equipment. The remotely controlled shuttle car is installed on the shelf track, and the automatic control system is used to realize the centralized storage mode of the goods. The shuttle rack only loads the goods at both ends, and the subsequent work is handed over to the shuttle car, thereby minimizing manual operations. In the cold storage, due to the special nature of the environment, the initial design evaluation is essential to ensure the normal operation of the shelves and equipment systems. The shuttle should match the cold environment, with good control signal communication and timely and effective personnel scheduling. These are the necessary factors that need to be paid attention to in the cold storage shuttle solution, which can ensure that the basic problems of the entire cold chain logistics link do not occur. 

2. Drive-in shelves 

Drive-in shelves are one of the common types of shelves in conventional warehouses and cold storage. In terms of storage capacity, it is obviously larger than other traditional heavy shelves. On the structure of drive-in shelves, forklifts can enter the drive-in shelves for storage and storage of goods. In this way, for cold chain cold storage that requires frequent batch turnover, to a certain extent, it is a very suitable type of shelf. They are typical FIFO storage shelves. Drive-in shelves have great advantages for storing food, beverages and other products. Compared with other shelves that are conducive to intensive storage, this is a relatively low-cost storage device and a good choice for some cold chain warehouses with limited operating capital. 

3. Gravity shelves 

The gravity type shelf is a derivative product of the beam type shelf, which is a kind of shelf upgraded and transformed on the basis of the heavy-duty shelf. Drum rollers are installed on the beams of the shelves, the tilt of the drum is adjusted to 3-5 degrees, and gravity is used to move the goods. Gravity shelves are also a first-in, first-out storage method. Several characteristics of gravity shelves are summarized as follows: environmental protection, low noise, no energy consumption, safe and reliable. There is no passage between each group of shelves, so the space utilization rate is increased by 60%. Gravity shelves are often used in logistics distribution centers, cold chain storage, transportation and distribution centers.

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