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Metal Slotted Angle Upright
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Metal Slotted Angle Upright

Powder Coated Metal Slotted Angle Upright

Product Model: SA001
Aceally slotted angles made of high quality steel material with lowest price. Size and color can be customized.
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Powder Coated Metal Slotted Angle Upright

Breaf Introduction

    •  Slotted Angle is used in a wide variety of applications including shelving,benches, trolleys and light construction work

    •  Slotted Angle’s unique pre-punched holes allow multiple steel sections to be bolted together

    •  Slotted Angle uprights provides one of the most versatile and economical shelving systems available.

    •  Nut & Bolt  style shelving with universal slotted Angle Posts fully adjustable for your requirements

Features & Advantages

    •  120kg per level 
    •  Size:1829mm/ 2134mm/ 2438mm/ 2843mm 
    •  popular sizes: 914mm*305/ 381mm/ 457mm/ 610mm*0.8mm
    •  Closed back & sides + dividers are available on request
    •  Easy assembly & Installed quickly

slotted angle upright

slotted angle shelving

slotted angle shelving

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